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"Dense and packed with information, this isn't a book to read in one sitting but rather one to refer to when you need an explanation of a concept or technique. You could delve into it as and when needed to build up background knowledge, or work through it slowly if you want to learn about the subject. I particularly enjoyed the historical asides - they added a more human element and an important sense of perspective, while also providing important background information. Available as a secure PDF, the book is not only portable but also searchable, making terms of interest easy to find."

Arline Lyons in the ITI Bulletin

"(The guide) is easily navigated for content and searchable for words or phrases that might be encountered in a translation project, and it features an impressive amount of hyperlinks for readers who wish to further explore the information presented. The author is clearly an expert on the topic; however, he presents the material with a sensitivity to the fact that many readers such as myself do not hold university degrees in science. He includes explanations and definitions of many technical terms and also indicates their Latin and Greek roots. Dr. Zanders uses clear, colorful illustrations and diagrams and he breaks up the serious nature of the work with some humor and interesting anecdotal details."

Patrick Weill in ATA Science and Technology blog


Biotechnology - a background guide

Biotechnology describes how living organisms are harnessed  to produce useful products ranging from beer to genetically-engineered medicines. The subject's  diversity and complexity presents a daunting challenge to those without the relevant scientific background, so this Guide was written to provide readers with a comprehensive
explanation of the key concepts and associated jargon. Although designed primarily for
medical/scientific translators and interpreters, the Guide will also be useful for anyone wanting in-depth knowledge of this high proflie area of science and technology.

The searchable electronic document allows easy navigation through the carefully organised technical information, enhanced by hyperlinks to documents, websites and videos. The content is relevant to many of the topics encountered in scientific and medical publications and includes a whole chapter devoted to biotechnology patents.  

Publication date: 2016
Number of pages: 204

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