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Drug discovery courses


One day course for business professionals


PG100 - How the Drug Discovery Industry Works

Delivered in-house by arrangement with clients, this course is designed for personnel within organizations that deal with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The former include biotechnology hubs, recruitment agencies, university technology transfer departments and providers of scientific and technical services. Each course is tailored to the specific needs of the organization, thus maximizing its value.

Recent clients include the Oxford Biotechnology Network, Medical Research Council Technology, RR Donnelley, Cranleigh Recruitment Ltd, and a specialist medicinal chemistry company in the UK Midlands.

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One day courses for technical translators/interpreters


Note: the following courses are offered by arrangement with translator/interpreter organizations such as agencies, network groups, or conference workshops and cover English terminology only.

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PG200 - How the Drug Discovery Industry Works
This course is designed specifically for freelance and agency translators/interpreters from all language specializations. It focuses on terminology related to each stage of the drug development process, from early discovery through to clinical trials and marketing.

PG300 - Chemistry for Translators
This course introduces the main branches of chemistry and covers the nomenclature used in patents and other publications. It also describes the key techniques used in chemistry laboratories to help explain the relevant terminology.  

PG400 - Biotechnology for Translators
The course reviews the main features of modern biotechnology, namely the harnessing of living organisms to produce useful molecules such as antibiotics and therapeutic proteins. The course provides an explanation of the relevant technical processes described in patents and scientific literature, including genetic engineering technology.
PG500 - Immunology for Translators
The immune system is used to produce vaccines, diagnostics and laboratory tools, but is also responsible for serious autoimmune and allergic diseases. This course reviews both aspects of this complex system of interacting cells and molecules, with an emphasis on the terminology found in patents and publications.       

Some examples of successful training


 “Our team had an excellent day and all took something positive from the course, we certainly are far better prepared to handle future projects within the industry. Ed was an excellent teacher, and went at a pace that allowed us to take everything in, whilst still covering the entire drug production process - we highly recommend the course.” Laurence Emmett, Director, Cranleigh Scientific
"The training was exactly what we wanted for our staff member who now has a rounded appreciation of the pharma / biotech industry, understands the R&D process and has a good understanding of the science behind the scenes. In her role as a science recruiter she is now able to identify strong candidates by intelligently spotting keywords and techniques on CVs whilst also interviewing people at a more in depth, technical level. Fantastic results - I can highly recommend PharmaGuide’s services." Ajay Patel, Recruitment Operations Manager, CK Science

“Shortly after attending the course I had a meeting with one of our biotech clients who later complimented me on my grasp of technical language. The day spent in Cambridge learning about the drug discovery business was definitely worthwhile!” Alex Malocca, Great Guns Marketing
"I do recommend this workshop. I attended last year and it was superb. Although he starts very slowly, explaining basic chemistry concepts (which I knew as I used to be a very good student and now I am just lazy), it gathers pace once it gets to the drugs themselves. I can say I learned a lot and it has been a great help as I do lots of work on clinical trials and clinical studies. It was worth every penny." Ana Luiza Iaria, MSc, MCIL, MITI.

“The course was well-paced and timed with opportunities for participants to ask questions and clarification of key points, and these were all answered during the day. There was a positive and friendly atmosphere throughout, and my impression was that all the translators present enhanced their learning and understanding of chemistry and were very satisfied with the event.” Miriam Bianco, York ITI group (for a fuller review, see link)

The PG200 drug discovery course has been reviewed in the ITI Bulletin in 2009 - download article and in a 2014 blog by Katarzyna Slobodzian-Taylor of Mastermind Translations.