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(The author) is thus in a position to convey a coherent picture of the most intrinsically complex matters and facilitate both a digestible entry for the newcomer or interested outsider and a helpful overview for the expert professional or insider. This has been achieved in an outstanding fashion.”

From a review of The Science and Business of Drug Discovery in ChemMedchem

“The DVD is excellent and complements the text with vivid examples of presentation dos and don'ts. Universities would do well to provide this set to their science graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, although scientific professionals at any career stage would greatly benefit from this guidance. The compact book and DVD set is designed to travel with the presenter and is likely to become a frequent reference for years to come." 

From a review of Presentation Skills for Scientists in Quarterly Review of Biology by Diane E. Hannemann



Something different

Rational ignorance in the search for extra-terrestrial life

NAR cover

Review published by Elsevier in 2023

Not obviously connected to biopharmaceutical research, but uses the principles of  chemistry and biochemistry employed in the former to make points about the likelihood of finding extra-terrestrial life.

Books and Guides 

The Science and Business of Drug Discovery - Demystifying the Jargon by Edward D. Zanders, Second edition published by Springer in December 2020


Springer book


Updated version of the original 2011 edition (see below)


See Springer website for more details or download a flyer here

Presentation Skills for Scientists-a Practical Guide by Edward Zanders and Lindsay MacLeod, second edition published in October 2018 by Cambridge University Press

Presentation Skills book

This second edition of the book originally published in 2010 covers the same ground as the Presentation Skills course but also provides detailed information about verbal presentation and slide construction using text, images and video. See CUP website for more details

The 2010 edition has been reviewed in: Genetics Research, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, The Leading Edge and The Quarterly Review of Biology.

It is also recommended reading for postgraduate development programmes in universities such as Imperial College, London.

PharmaGuide guide and biotech cover

Biotechnology - a background guide

The first in a series of PharmaGuide Guides ebooks.

For further details, and how to purchase, please follow this link

Reviewed in the May/June 2017 issue of the ITI Bulletin and the Science and Technology Division of the ATA.

Human Drug Targets a Compendium for Pharmaceutical Discovery by Edward D. Zanders, published by John Wiley and Sons, 2016

Drug target book Wiley

See Wiley website  and Drug Target Review online magazine for more details

Based on the author's experience in major pharma and small biotechs, this book was written to provide a curated collection of potential protein and non-coding RNA drug targets encoded by the human genome. The thousands of entries presented in an easily legible format offer academic and industrial scientists plenty of scope to pick out items that may have caught their eye, providing a first step along the road to discovering new medicines.

The Science and Business of Drug Discovery - Demystifying the Jargon
by Edward D. Zanders, published by Springer in August 2011.


Springer book


See Springer website for more details


As well as providing a comprehensive overview of drug discovery, this book contains useful reference material of value to all the client groups who attend the drug discovery courses.

This book has been reviewed in: Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices , ChemMedchem and the May 2017 issue of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) journal

Other publications


Humana book

Chemical Genomics and Proteomics
edited by Edward D. Zanders, published in 2011 by Humana Press. See Springer website

ATA Chronicle

New Biological Drugs and Pharmaceutical Translation
published in the ATA Chronicle, July 2011. See ATA website

Wiley book

Scientific Networking and Collaborations,
by Edward D. Zanders in: Collaborative Computational Technologies for Biomedical Research, eds Ekins, Hupcey and Williams, published by Wiley in 2011. See Wiley website

This book has been reviewed in:


Drug discovery in the era of Facebook - new tools for scientific networking – by David Bailey and Edward Zanders published in Drug Discovery Today vol 13 pages 863-8, 2008.